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David Ewing

An an online marketing manager David Ewing continues learning and finding solutions to the fast paced world of internet marketing. He is a popular SEO Specialist focusing on advanced strategies for scaling enterprise level clients . He is the co-founder of Ewing Enterprise, whose  secret is his technical knowledge of  ON/OFF-Page SEO  and a creative flash developer specializing in rich internet applications.

The combination of result driven data and API development solutions make online reputation management services his clients a breeze.

As a senior level Dallas seo manager, his passion for search as  tool and enterprise level client portfolio,  (<–kinda bragging), speak for themselves.

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David ‘s experience as a marketer includes a range of subjects, from “introduction to” SEO topics to presentations on current developments that allow him to share with his audience what’s important, why, what to do and how to do it.

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