Hello Jill,


Teaching Example: Executive Team Presentation on Landing Page Optimization ( Landing Page & 30-min video with examples)
Audience Senior Vice President of Santander Originations & VP of Marketing

unbouncepages.com landing page demo







My original presentation is still live on Unbounce




Project: Resign Information/Architecture ,(Navigation), based on Keyword Modeling Structure
Skills Used: User-Experience Research, Data Analysis multiple sources
Audience: CEO & key stakeholders

Project: #1) Increase organic search ranking for “car loans” #2) Drive User-experience based on custom audience segments on apply page increasing business for auto loans.
Skills Used: SEO, keyword research, site structure I/A, (slides #1-#34)
Skills Used: User research, usability testing, A/B testing, rapid prototyping (slides #35-#53)
Audience: CEO & key stakeholders,IT, Development Team