I combine strategic thinking and technology expertise to deliver accelerated outcomes. I help clients separate digital opportunity from hype. I build business prototypes to prove that opportunities are real. I orchestrate delivery to ensure that technology investment translates into business outcomes.


Digital Strategy & Organization

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that today there are only two types of industry: those that have been reshaped by digital technology, and those that soon will be. In every sector, new competitors are emerging and traditional competitors are using mobile, cloud and other technologies to change the game.

Responding to the digital challenge requires more than a sense of urgency and a new app. Effective digital strategy is based on facts, robust economics, astute business judgment and a pragmatic approach to the technology itself.

What I do

I work with CEOs and other senior leaders to understand the value at stake from digital transformation, shape targeted strategies, and configure organizations to deliver rapid improvements in customer experience, innovation, revenue, and cost.

Four things distinguish my approach:

  • Targeting value

    I help leaders translate their digital vision into a prioritized set of value-rich opportunities.

  • Reshaping the business portfolio

    I work with clients to align investment priorities with digital strategy—identifying the businesses that stand to benefit from digital trends and value migration, and those that should be deemphasized or divested.

  • Organizing for digital

    I  help solve the puzzle of how organizations can be configured for a digital world. This can mean defining new roles and responsibilities, rewriting decision-making and performance-management systems, creating digital centers of competence, and partnering across sectors with technology providers and other non-traditional allies.

  • Accelerating impact

    I bring deep experience in staging and sequencing digital transformations, fast-tracking initiatives that can create early impact.