Experienced digital marketer.

I am one of  the world’s leading management consultants providing business intelligence, big data analysis, digital marketing and optimization services.

I’ve had a specific focus on organic SEO/SEM and Marketing Analytics for much of the last decade, but not exclusively, I’ve also managed over $20.6 million in paid search spend, and extensive social media campaigns.

Brands I have worked with include: AT&T, CBRE, Santander, Road Loans, Helping Loans, World Ventures, Rovia and many others.

Enterprise Level SEO
International Search Strategy
Big Data Analysis & Reporting
Business Intelligence – Executive Dashboards

Inbound Marketing Director, Captain Limousines Inc.
Head of SEO/SEM, Santander
Head of Search at Icy Digital Studios
Launched B2B & B2C Brand of Virtual Reality Headsets for Sale
Launched Technology Drone with Camera Brand