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Infrastructure & Cloud


We know how technology and digital trends are transforming your environment. We’ll uncover where the real value exists for you.

Infrastructure & Cloud2019-09-21T13:57:49+00:00

What do we mean by the cloud?


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What do we mean by the cloud?2016-11-09T15:57:13+00:00

Correlation: Call-Center & Web Property


- A correlation coefficient of +1 indicates a perfect positive correlation. As variable X increases, variable Y increases. As variable X decreases, variable Y decreases     A correlation coefficient [...]

Correlation: Call-Center & Web Property2014-07-03T18:51:47+00:00

SEO Audit for Cocoville


  I'm enjoying some time off in Phuket, Thailand and it's been an incredible experience. One of my long time passions has been revitalized and today I got a chance [...]

SEO Audit for Cocoville2014-04-16T06:59:35+00:00

Traffic Drop – Case Study


Here is a case study on a company whose site had a massive traffic change. Possible Reasons the Site Traffic Decreased: A Manual Penalty – this is when a member of [...]

Traffic Drop – Case Study2014-02-09T23:17:11+00:00


10+ years of deep multi-channel, digital marketing analytics and e-commerce expertise accelerating revenue across leading global institutions by shaping digital strategy and delivering high-impact, technology-driven solutions in the telecommunications, high tech, media, food & beverage, commercial real estate, consumer goods and financial services industries.


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